How to Set up Cindicator Bot

In today’s guide, I am going to show you how to set up Cindicator bot, which aims to provide predictive analytics for crypto markets. I was chatting with my buddy Danny last week about crypto in general and he brought up Cindicator as something he is bullish on. Well fast forward one week and Cindicator spiked 12%, I FOMO’d in and figured I might as well do a write up on how to set up the Cindicator Bot.

Step One: Access Levels

The Cinicator bot provides varying levels of access based on the amount of CND you hold in your wallet. Since I didn’t feel like dropping 50K for expert level I went with the basic beginner package at 5,000 CND. It should be noted that you get access to the bot by holding, there is no burn or ongoing cost. If I find this bot is not proving valuable I can always sell the CND back on the market.


Step Two: Get your Tokens

I had to buy Cindicator first so I checked the CoinMarketcap Markets page. This shows you where the token is traded and the volume. Right now Binance BNB is the largest pair. If you don’t have a Binance account click the link below to sign up. They are currently the largest crypto exchange and are great for Alt coins.

Sign up to Binance

To get access to the Beginner level you need 5000 CND in your wallet, not the exchange. Binance currently is charging a 51 CND withdrawal fee so you need to buy 5051 CND minimum.

Step Three: Withdrawl your Tokens

CDN is an er20 token so you can store it on your Ledger or other compatible wallets. Cindicator has tutorials for Metamask, Parity, Mist, MEW, and Ledger.

Step Four: Cindicator Bot

The Cindicator Bot is a telegram bot that you interact with using “/start”

After you type “/start”it’s going to give you the whole breakdown of what is going on and to continue you need to copy / paste your ETH address where the CND tokens are stored.


The bot will then respond with a validation link. Copy and paste this into a new window, it will open another telegram screen, which is odd, but it works.

So what it’s asking you to do is verify that you control this address (which is why it won’t work with an exchange address)

To verify what you need to do is send a 0 ETH transaction to yourself with the “Your Code” value as the data field, and then copy and paste the transaction hash back into Telegram.

Here is what that looks like using MyEtherWallet.

Once you paste the transaction hash back into the Telegram bot is should verify and you can start using the bot!

There you have it, Cindicator bot set up from start to finish. Let me know in the comments below if you are using this bot and how useful you find it. Personally, I am going to test it for a few weeks to see if I can make any actionable trades on it.


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